EZVALO 23.5" Wired LED Hand Wave Activated Under Cabinet Lighting


EZVALO VALA is a hand wave activated under cabinet light. 23.5 inches in length, full aluminum body with premium anodized coating. 78 super-bright LEDs, 4000K neutral light. Edge-LED technology with super even light, no glare.

Using the latest smart sensor technology, it reads your hand movement and response to your action. A single wave to turn on and off and hover for dimming is the most convenient yet contactless approach to keep the hygiene standard high on your worktop.

Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Light

Memory Function: waving your hand to the sensor to turn the light on and off, hovering underneath to adjust the brightness. The brightness setting is stored and stays after a powerloss.
Continuously Dimmable: If you want to dim the light, simply hold your hand under the sensor for a longer period of time. The LEDs change their luminosity gently and continuously.

Activated By Movement

The sensitive IR sensor of our under cabinet lights switches the LEDs ON and OFF with a simple movement of the hand. Great for busy days in the kitchen. No annoying remote control that gets dirty and interferes with kitchen work.

Please DO NOT hang other objects under the sensor within 7.87 inch range.

Best Under Cabinet LED Light Bar

The large 23.5 inches over all lighting surface gives the light a more even and broader coverage.
The full aluminium appearance makes it a perfect choice for any modern kitchen look. This beautiful color does not fade thanks to a premium anodized aluminium coating.

Using standard USB connector, the light works plug-and-play. It doesn’t require knowledge of a professional electrician.

Why Choose EZVALO LED Under Cabinet Light?

It is the time to enjoy the latest lighting technology in your kitchen, a one more step to a smart life. If you enjoy your cooking experience as much as we do, this is a must have to elevate your worktop safety and improve the presentation. A bright work space will always lead to a better concentration level and protect your eyes in the long-term.


Dimensions: 600 x 40 x 10 mm (23.5 x 1.6 x 0.4 inch)
Net weight: 8.5 oz
Power Consumption: 5.9W
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Colour Temperature: 4000K
Input: 5V/2A
Working Temperature: -10 -40°C (+14°F–104°F)
Working humidity: 10%-85% RH
Control: hand wave sensor

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