motion sensor closet light

Use Motion Sensor Light in Closet

Why need a light ?
Generally we don’t have lights in a closet or wardrobe, which means searching for clothes in darkness when night comes. It is also not very pleasant when the closet is in a position with almost little daylight. And you have to light up the closet by holding some devices, such as your phone or flash light while getting busy with recognizing diverse clothes. That is why many people would like to install a light in their closet.                         

What kind of light best fits ?
For most closets such as walk-in closets, reach-in closets, armoires, there already are bright lights overhead. What needs special care are the dark corners and the top shelfs. These areas are hard to reach, making manual control solutions troublesome. Switch solution also requires a large amount of wiring work and help from electricians.

In this case, motion sensor lights are more convenient options for completely illuminating your closet. When you walk into the closet or open your closet’s door, the lights turn on automatically. No need to fumble around with switches. They also auto turn off when you leave, which saves energy and money.


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