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How to Install Motion Sensor Light?

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When you install a motion sensor light, instructions offered by manufacturers are the most helpful. Many people may turn to instructions only when they get into trouble with installation though.

But there is some information that you should not skip.

Where is the best place to install? 

Ideal installation gets you optimized light coverage and avoids shadows.


For closets and wardrobes, mount the motion sensor lights at the front side of the shelf’s bottom.





For under cabinets in the kitchen, install it at the back side of the cabinet's bottom, which is against the backsplash.





If you want to use it as a night light, then mount it on the bedsides to brighten dark floors. Thus the lights turn on without disturbing family members.



 How to install?

Specific steps depend on the types of motion sensor light you’ve chosen. If you get a light bar with adhesives, it is quite easy to install.

And the tips are:
1. Wipe clean and dry the surface first for better grip of the adhesives.
2. Attach the double-sided tape or the mounting brackets onto the position.
3. Put the light on and press it for several seconds to ensure it sticks firmly.

Installation can be much simpler if you get lights with built-in magnets. Stick-on lights can be attached directly to ironwork or magnetic surface. It is also easy to replace them during a power outage.



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