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Color Psychology: The Psychological Effects at Home

What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is an important field. In terms of nature appreciation, social activities, color is objectively a stimulus and symbol for people. Subjectively, it is a reaction and behavior. The psychology of color starts from vision, from perception and emotion to memory, thought, will and symbolism, and its reactions and changes are extremely complex. The relationship between color and the human psyche has been increasingly studied, so the concept of "color psychology" was born. Although color psychology has not yet been officially accepted by the psychology family, the influence of color on human psychological existence is objective, and the discipline has begun to be used to solve psychological problems in our real life. In different generations and regions, people have their own favorite colors. In addition, human beings have common physiological mechanisms and similar external stimuli, which makes the psychological effect of color much the same. This also provides a breakthrough to understand a person's inner self, allowing us to understand others’ thought through color.


The influence of lighting color on human psychology.

Lighting creates an environment that can affect people's emotions. If the lighting is not designed well, then it will make the atmosphere become dull, while good lighting design will make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The color temperature in lighting is the same as color, different lighting colors would make people feel different, thus producing different psychological effects. The color temperature of lighting can be divided into three categories: warm, neutral, and white light. The overall color of warm light is reddish, but not completely red which can make people warm, healthy and relaxed. It is mainly used in home decoration, hotels, western restaurants, cafes and other places for rest and relaxation. For example, Starbucks uses the warm light to give people a bright and comfortable feeling so that people will always love to go in there and have a cup of coffee. Neutral light is soft so that it will give a pleasant, comfortable and peaceful feeling for people. It is mainly used in shopping malls, specialty stores, schools and libraries. And white light is similar to natural light, which has a clean feeling so that people can be more concentrated when they are working or studying. It is often used in offices, hospitals, studios and other places where people need to focus on their work.

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