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Instant improvement of your home look by simple lighting ideas.

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 Make your home look more spacious.

Thanks to the reflective property of mirrors, We can make use of mirrors to make your place look more spacious. The prerequisite, however, is to have an adequate amount of light. Therefore, the simplest method to make your place look more spacious is to place a huge mirror opposite to a window so that the mirror can receive enough amount of light and reflect things. However, this method apparently does not work at night time or on cloudy days due to the lack of natural light. With this in mind, the most reliable method is the place mirrors opposite to the wall lights.

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How lighting makes your home look better?

With the help of lighting, you can highlight the most gorgeous and essential things of yours. It could be a trophy that you won from a competition, it could be a luxurious jewellery, or it could be anything you value! These precious things can be accented by lighting and become the main focuses of your home, this is what we called accent lighting. And by adopting accent lighting, your house could become more aesthetic and stylish.

Why lighting is vital to your home?

Keeping the amount of light in your home adequate could help improve your mood. Numerous researches have pointed out that the depression rate is higher in places with fewer hours off sunlight. Thus, with your home being dark and gloomy, your are likely to feel depressed and low. You might even be sleepy and have no energy to engage in anything! In contrast, a sufficient amount of light can make the vibes of your home become more cheerful and relaxed so that you can have a brilliant mood to spend your days at home. After all, who doesn’t love good weather and clear days?

Also, lighting can provide you a save environment to accomplish the your tasks. In our daily life, very often, we need to deal with many household chores like wiping and sweeping the floor. Without enough light, you may not be able see things clearly. You may even stumble just because you are not aware of an obstacle due to the lack of light. With this in mind, proper lighting can help you avoid accidents and ensure your safety.


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