11.8'' LED Motion Sensor Closet Light 3500K EZVALO


11.8 inches in length, suitable for various locations, even small drawers. 3500K warm light -- perfect for a cozy home. PIR+ambient light dual sensors. 900mAh large lithium battery, rechargeable. Edge-LED technology with super even light, no glare.

In a darenvironment, the light turns on automaticallwhen human motion is detected. The light turns off if no motion is detectein 15s. In a bright environment, the light will not turn on automatically for better user experience and energy saving.


1. Powered by a high-density 900mAh Lithium polymer battery, this light can provide an average two months of everyday house use.

2. A large lighting surface offers more extensive coverage and less glare with the latest ELED light guiding technology.

3. The full aluminium appearance makes it a perfect choice for any modern homelook. This beautiful color does not fade thanks to a premium anodized aluminium coating.

4. The co-operation between the motion sensor and ambient light sensor saves energy and maximizes battery life by reducing unnecessary use during the day.

Why Choose EZVALO LED Closet Lightings

Enjoy the trouble-free installing of EZVALO flora LED light under counter. The back of the light is magnetic for an easy attach to steel structures. It also comes with non residue VHB adhesives and mounting plates for any other surfaces.

The built-in day-to-night sensor makes it better in saving energy. The light will keep off when the area is bright enough and becomes active when dark.

Powered by the latest light guiding technology, the high CRI LED source restores actual color and illuminates a broader area. A high capacity lithium polymer battery frees the trouble of hardwiring and makes it last much longer for recharging.

EZVALO Wireless Rechargeable LED Cabinet Light

Make life easier in an elegant way. The EZVALO motion sensor light automatically lights up your wardrobe and bedside when you need it. Battery powered wireless solution makes it extremely versatile wherever you want it tobe, simply attach and it is ready to go. The premium anodized aluminium light body is an excellent addition to your beautiful home.


Dimensions: 300 x 40 x 10mm (11.8x1.6x0.4inch)
Net weight: 138g (4.6oz)
Power Consumption: 1W
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Colour Temperature: 3500K
Battery capacity: 900mAh
Input: 5V/1A
Working Temperature: 0 - 40°C (+32°F–104°F)
Working humidity: 0% - 85%RH
Control: Motion sensor and touch button

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