EZVALO EzLumiBar Lite+ UC Lights Wireless LED Closet Light, Motion Sensor, 5300K Dimmable Remote

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EZVALO LED Closet Light, 48LED Operated Lights Motion Sensor Light Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lighting Night Light for Closet, Cabinet, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Cupboard. 

    Highlight the Beauty

    Brighten specific areas or objects in a space, such as artwork, work surface or plants. An energy efficiency way to increase the functionality.

    Boost Visibility

    Helping reduce the risk of accidents by illuminating dark areas and highlighting potential hazards.

    Ambient Illumination

    Set the mood of a room, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for a living room, or a bright and energizing vibe for a kitchen or home office.

    Easy Installation

    Super strong neodymium magnet is integrated into the back of the light. It can be snapped on to any metal shelf or just use the included adhesive strip for other surfaces.


    Using Lithium-Polymer technology, It can last up to 52 hrs of continuous lighting or 60 -120 days under average household usage on a single charge.

    Always ON,OFF and Auto

    Change mode with ease via a toggle switch. This light provides 3 different work modes that suit your various daily needs.

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